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November 1, 2017
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November 1, 2017

Reinventing Tradition: Bistronomie

Paris has always been recognised for its excellent gastronomy but what is interesting to point out is that French culinary artists have managed to both maintain and perfect their cuisine, as well as reinvent, improve and modernize its savoir-faire.

And today with the ever changing Internet, it makes common sense that these chefs reinvent their cuisine even more…


Before it was the guide books like Michelin or Zagat, the ones who were grading with stars the restaurants we should visit. Back then it was luxury, tableware and elaborated dishes what mattered the most. Vintage wines and excellent services were destined to a confined elite for rare and occasional moments. (It was very hard to reach the stars.) Then afterwards, the chefs became famous and started to develop brands, thus creating a culinary mainstream.


Nowadays, Paris has gone beyond this inaccessible haute cuisine… You will hardly see Parisians sitting on glamorous and exclusive restaurants… Only tourists. With the boom of the Internet, websites, blogs and apps have facilitated the reviews to customers, allowing instant comments and suggestions in a click. Therefore, « Bistronomie » was created. A strong wave of talented young chefs (around 100) started seeking for independence and, as a result, revisited the classic bistros with a fresh twist. They opened their own restaurants in small spaces, with not so many tables and in unknown touristic areas. This new breed of restaurants include the best ingredients, la « cuisine du marché » (catch of the day), smart food and amazing independent wine selections.

Are you willing to try them out?

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