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November 1, 2017

“Petits Secrets” Paris


Paris is more than the most beautiful a city in the world; with a noble urban structure, divided by the Seine, composed by an escargot of 20 quartiers and endlessly historical landmarks and architectural milestones, this place is an exciting challenge; Parisians are dense and complex to decipher -even between them-, full of codes and invisible boundaries, as they were jealously armored to protect themselves from a foreign enemy. If they are arrogant, don t pay attention. It’s just an attitude. They are spoiled because they have the best.

Nevertheless, Paris is vulnerable yet a resilient city that doesn’t gives in easily and overcomes by shinning as a worldwide showcase to the “French touch” applauded for its good taste, style and excellence. Paris the “moveable feast” has a vast calendar of fairs and commercial and cultural events (Art: Fiac, art Paris, Photo Paris; Fashion: 4 Fashion weeks per year, Design: Maison et Objet, DDays, Design Week; gastronomy: Salons Gastronomique, Vignerons indépendants of agriculture among others) as well as the ultimate shopping in an overwhelming variety of scales: concept stores, flagships, vintage and small stores and pop-up’s, galleries and endless specialized locations, bars, nightclubs, restaurants that blend into an organic network of hidden treasures that everybody wants to discover and take part of.

Either we can forget ourselves and be indulged by beauty or “je ne sais quoi” allure that has made Parisians so admired for their natural elegance. Or succumb into the intellectual profoundness that continues to inspire creative, authors, artists, designers, photographers, architects, sybarites and simple tourists.

Secrets travel fast in Paris

Napoleon Bonaparte

Carolina Tinoco
Carolina Gomez de Llarena
Temi López

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