The Parisian Effortless Look: Mirror, Mirror…
November 1, 2017

Like Rum, Like Chocolate


A wiseman once said (meaning, Mr. Charles M. Schulz) “All you need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt!” Indeed it doesn’t, and us Venezuelan girls don’t love anything else than a good, old chocolate to light up the spirits.

Oh, cocoa. Full of flavors, aromas and numerous blends: the creamy pralines, the ganache of lemon and herbs, combined with the murderous truffles that are destined to… croquer ! All of this and many other things make chocolate great. Even the titles, the adjectives of this infamous rose are exquisite: “Atome”, “Amazone”, “Audace”, “Arrogance”, “Désir”, “Opium”, “Sauvage”. But what is a rose without a name? I agree to disagree with Shakespeare on this but it wouldn’t smell (in this case, taste) as sweet!

And just when you though it couldn’t get any better… Welcome to Paris. A second stop, then again fatal stop, into one of our favorite boutique-labs: (secret). This perfectly-designed space −slash, whiskey bar with an enticing selection of spirits− includes a cave with an exhibition area bound for special offers, as well as an additional bar upstairs where all the dazzling experiments and tastings are doomed to happen. All for the common benefit of our fellow French citizens that need to keep their fine palates trained.

But for us, the chocolate-driven Venezuelan citizens, there is only one more thing that could be added to this deadly formula: rum. Lucky for us at the time of our visit, there was a tasting of the “Grand Cru” selection of rum from the Caribbean. The French truly have a know-how when it comes to spirits and hard liquors (not to mention their history with Cognac), so we weren’t surprised that their mastery of the selection of outstanding rums from Saint Lucia, Trinidad, Panama, Jamaica and Dominican Republic was au-delà.

Two pearls of temptation put in one single spot, a fiery combination of tropical islands and the pleasure of being in good company. We couldn’t remember where we were at one point…  but our hearts (and our bellies) were warm with happiness.

Carolina Tinoco
Carolina Gomez de Llarena

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